Monday, May 17, 2010

1st 3-100 blessings-finally!

These are the new materials i chose.  i am going to use the green for my 100 blessings.  it is "linen-like".  it has some rayon and polyester(30/60).  it does seem to pick easily.  i hope i do not have to many problems.  i really like the color because green is my favorite color and this color will go in a couple of rooms.

i have applied my grid.  because of the darker color, the normal blue pen didn't work.  so, i made a trip to the fabric store to find an alternative and found a white marking pencil with refills.  it seems to work ok.   hopefully it will last thru 100 squares.

my 1st square!!  i have this square on my itibits too.  my DH is my 1st blessing.  what a great guy.  this charm was found while in florida at a garage sale.  it reminds my of my DH cus it looks a little geeky and he is!  he can fix and do almost alnything.  he is a great dad.

these are my DD's, kaitlyn and hailey.  they are great girls and i am blessed!
SO, my 1st squares are my family.  i am truly blessed by them.


  1. LOVE this start of this project! Never thought about the dark color/blue pen problem. If you are worried about the marks staying, why don't you stitch the grid like P did.

  2. OHHHH, Charms! I love charms!

    What a great idea! Too Cute!

    Let me guess - you are gridding after you stitch/add charms to your squares in case you want to do a double square?

    Good idea - dang, seems like I keep repeating myself.

    Smiles - Denise

  3. Sweet! I didn't even think of using charms.

  4. Just visiting the stitchalong blogs and great to see your squares. I'm totally behind and need to catch up myself!
    linda from